Гранд Балет

Program for adults

Body – ballet

Body- ballet is a very popular kind of fitness for those who want to have plasticity , strengthen back and stretch muscles. This is science of moving, plasticity and choreography , art of both body and mind. Also, it is a wonderful mix of ballet exercises , yoga and pilates - it helps to keep fit without intensive trainings. The majority part of such trainings – exercises from a classical choreography. This is the base that gives strength and flexibility for dancing difficult pa. The main thing is that the lessons are planned according to your level, form and age.

The exercises are smooth, very safe and useful for ligaments, joints; the load is evenly distributed and develop all groups of muscles.

A special complex of exercises can help you to have your body toned, to make a better posture, work out endurance and to have fun. Body – ballet contains a normal load and a creative assignment. During the lessons you won’t feel yourself exhausted because of hard loads. One of the main advantages of body-ballet is development an ability to feel and control your body and to operate it. The most exercises you do on the floor (gymnastics) and using a ballet barre. The lesson ends with short dance combinations in the middle of the hall. Lessons are accompanied by music.

We offer a good result for a really short time. This is a 20- days course. But the main thing and the pleasant one is that these courses are held in Spain with well-qualified coaches. It is a good match of having a seaside vacation and carrying about your body. We guarantee the result !

The body-ballet courses – 6 h per week / 20 h per month
Price – 120 euros
Monday – 1,5 h
Tuesday – 1,5 h
Thursday – 1,5 h
Saturday – 1,5 h


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