Today the world loses borders! We can travel and study, communicate with friends and colleagues, we can participate in competitions and trainings worldwide. Great opportunities! The main thing is that language skills open borders and break language barriers. The most popular language in the world nowadays is English and to begin studying it is better as soon as possible. It is not a secret that in the childhood perception of a foreign language is much easier, than at older ages! It is always better to learn language with professionals, native speakers and in special educational institutions - language schools.

The Russian education center in Torrevieja gives such opportunity to all participants of summer ballet intensives. Experienced teachers will work with children with immersion into the language atmosphere. They will break language barrier and develop colloquial skills.

All participants will have an opportunity to choose one of two languages: English or Spanish. Children will be divided into mini-groups according to their levels . Lessons are based on a method that is approved and gained recognition. The communicative method allows to remove quickly complexes and speech "clips", and you start talking! Maybe your language will be with accent or it will be necessary to learn it for more months, but you will not be afraid of talking any more!

And now about the most pleasant and tempting in our offer – we provide a language course on a free basis!

In the end of language courses there is a final test and after it we will give certificates to all participants. Language destroys borders and above all makes personality free, educated and self-confident!